Social networking sites are turning out to be more powerful kinda media these days....With the Q "What's on your mind"...the status updates abt your friend's personal life happenings to uptodate national headlines ranging from flashmob in streets to latest Annahazare!! U get everything..I mean it..EVERYTHING!!

The one day fame in facebook when its your bday or when you post your display pic & anything that is abt in reallife!! It's not the same when you do Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V..lol

I have come across ppl who keep on adding many friends 200...300..but posts nothing!! Hmm...Rather thy are interested in knowing what's happening in other's life....!

Some posts nothing..may be coz of their dad, mom or other relations in their friendslist!!
Some dont care abt anything...just update each & every stuff thy do...things thy buy!!

Some are really good in showoff life....!! Well, i dont care untill thy posts it in my wall..:P

If Facebook is an exam, What's on ur mind is the question....(laughs) many of us wud fail..:P

Recently one of my friends posted her frustration abt her friend's posting on her wall..In fact her friend was promoting someone's photography link!! she had written these, and i strongly agree it !!

" Ur obsession need not be forced into me or my wall unless I allow - cos it is my FB wall and you are not the owner of my PAGE.." Same with tagging in pics!

Wondering, why I'm writing this post right....

Just pouring what's running on my mind now....

Though not being addictive, I like surfing Facebook!! I do post abt my reallife happenings though very selective...:)

The top most reason why I login FB, is LHTranscendents, a closed group which i started few months ago coz of my boredom!! ( A pat on my back...lol)

The conversations ranging from A to Z....comments on pics we upload...friend's reallife happenings...getting engaged..or married or going to be mommy..whatever may be, the news will hit headlines first in our group..:) even sometimes cooking tips..!!

It's really a good time pass to read the informative posts/quotes/videos etc...while having a sip of hot tea during fine day....!! It helps you to kill time when u have nothing to do!!

Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted - Am I right friends??

Finally It's 2012

Y.E.A.R 2012


Who's there..?

Year 2012

Yes..It's 2012....Another big year had passed for me and another big year has come I hope. Everybody is in the making "Resolutions" or "Best or worst of 2011" lists.

I am just hoping to have some things tuned in me...:) I don't wish to cal them as resolutions as I don't want to get caught for not fulfilling them by the end of year...;):P So no due or end date...

It's just a wish list for me and by me! All the best to me..:D:D