Year 2011 - Memories replenished!!

The last time wen i posted in my blog was abt my new yr eve celebration in chennai (Part-I)...I do remember saying Part-II BREAK KI BAAD!!! whoops..quite a long break:P:P

Well, My 2011 year started vid pple saying "soon to be bride" & "Kalyana kalai vandhuruchi". These words created butterflies in my stomach as it is a big step for me in my life. The one thing which caused stroke is the thought about " My Bachelor life was soon to get over..:(" And when I used to go into this mode, some thought would wake me up " To be more responsible for the coming years where I have to not only take care of myself (which i never did..thank u mom & dad) but another person who will be the most important in my life.

January flew like a hurricane with introduction chats and phone calls and the calendar dates were rushing into February which was going to be a big month for me...6th Feb - d day when i got engaged!!! I started to enjoy this feeling of "Single" to "Being Engaged" and excited to sail in the exiting journey between engagement & marriage:) Phone calls, txtchats, messages, emails, video chats & love letters...kept myself busy with only one person for the whole of Feb, Mar & April..:)

Pampering was the word I could use to describe three months..(Feb-Apr)...I was given full attention at home...I personally enjoyed the royalty at home!! My brother used to comment that he will be at peace after I get married. lol. :) Yet it's TRUE ;) With just 14 days for my D-day, slowly I got into night mares of leaving my parents and brother.....

Soon months flew & days started to fill in the calendars....Finally "May Madham" arrived!! First time did I feel the flow of excitement and tension rushing down each and every nerve in my body. And the big big day arrived...14th May...I was decked up with jewellery and traditional wear...Reception took place and became the most unforgettable day of my life...May 15th - It was one great big fat South Indian wedding I would say. Thanks to both sides of our parents to have made it such a wonderful celebration....

June & July was the most splendid month....Then came the August - My husband's Birthday month!! September had nothing significant other than fall colors & Ramzan, Vinayagar chaturthi festives..Somehow managed to get the festival mood at home by doing all the sweets n savories..October was snowy and special with our "Thala Diwali"....Here again..Set the theme as "Sweet For a day" and tried my hands at sweets...It's been a marathon of sweet dishes at home!! It was unforgettable and overall different "thala - diwali"..:)

November - My silver jubilee Birthday month...And finally last month in the yr 2011 has had come...I am drenched with the sweet memories of 2011 and here I'am writing this blog post ...Overall a year of good times and year of celebrations :) And that was 2011 for me.

Wishing all my friends a Happy & peaceful days throughout the year!!!:):)