New Yr Eve Celebration (Part-1)

Hai friends…

Wonder wher I was all these days right??? Seriously never thought tat I wud meet u all in 2011….still cudnt belive tat 2010 has passed…May 2010 rest in peace..:)

Iam here to shed sum dew drops on my recent trip to singara Chennai to celebrate my new yr eve…celebrating the festivals with d close ones s d best way I feel..!! am I right frends?

So myself & reva ( d time she took to convince her hubby & family…OMG..!!!) finally booked our tickets and started getting ready to Chennai..

Tis Chennai trip is sumthing very close to me which I’ll cherish d rest of my lfy since iam bidding farewell to my dearie “Mrs. Lavanya” so fondly called “Kutchice” as she s flyin to UK by Jan end..

On 31st morning, we met near Christ college to board our KSRTC Volvo bus…unfortunately it was delayed by 30 min..wat a start in the last day of the yr!!

Started our chit-chats as usual…and informed our friends in chennai….since thy had their shifts till 5 n the evening....thy advised us to ask d driver to drive slowly..!! To the sad part..we reached ahead by one hr..!!!.

On our way to Chennai via ambur..I was driven by the sweet memories of ambur during 2008 in RR’s house…

Goona miss her in tis Chennai trip…she was busy with sum pooja’s and temple’s visit..!!

“Airtel Welcomes you to Chennai”…It was then v came to kno tat v r abt to reach

It was around 12, wen v were sure that v r goin 2 reach in another 30 min…we thought of givin a surprise to all our Chennai planned to get ahead of thm to their apartment and decorate their house with color papers, ballons, labels etc…

Me & reva planned to visit “Chennai one TCS office” ..d most elegant..coolest branch of TCS n I heard of..just to collect d key from Charan..

v got down at koembedu bus stand at 12.30…it was reva who was guiding me through al d way…seriously my Chennai friends busted out in laughter wen thy cme 2 knew tis.. soory revs..cant help it!!!

I remember sumbdy tld tat it takes hardly 45 min to reach thuraipakkam.. but it took us abt 1hr 45 min to reach ther…d oly landmark she knows was Jain college..!!

It was charan who v met first….after all formalities…we went straight to the place wher v can meet all d cool guys of…yes u r rite..its cafeteria..!!!

U can nvr say tat its 3’o clock n the afternoon…all d restaurants in cafeteria were full!! TCS vazhkga..!!

While reva was putting mokkai with one of her classmates, me & Charan finally got into our wrk seriously….ordered veg sandwich, chicken sandwich, hot

Thanks 2 charan 4 serving our tummy…we were damm hungry at tat time..!!!

After all site-seeing in TCS office..….(ok chill..) we rushed to their house in hurry-burry after getting sum decors items and reached by 4.45….

Its high time tat we got in work…searching for scissor, tape, thread in their bachelor house was one of the worst thing I can ever do in my life….

It was first our GS… (as fondly called my me) Meera who gave first entry...beautifully dressed in a sari attire…she was lukin elegant!! Again our chit-chat started..

It was then my girlfriend…”Ms. Bhuvi”…(I kno u r gonna kil me for tis..) Again our chit-chat started…

Then our most eligible bachelor Ms. Charanya gave a massive entry..I pray tat b4 my next visit she’ll b soon blessed with blissful marriage life..:)..u truly deserve the best charan..:D

Bein a last day of the yr 2010…we decided not to step out anywhere…Again our chit-chat continued…

Finally, our one & only…”Kutchice”…Mrs. Lavi gave gigantic entry….

All d “6 musketeers..” were set to plan our new yr eve celeb…

Ordered our dinner outside…CB, MB, EB…..4 starters..!!!(Confused…..all non veg items..hpe u gt wat it s nw..) …and sum paneer & naan for our poor ...i mean pure veg-meera… ;)..& sum drinks….( u got it wrong again..its

Again started chit-chat.....all d things frm A-Z….(mostly A’s)as we r nearing 12’o clock…we started to get ready with our cake & chocolates….

Wen d clock strickes 12…we were @ our ht of voice…screamin..Shouting…wishin one other…blashin cake on one’s face…

We totally freaked out..

It’s been 1.00 AM on 1st Jan, 2011…

(Dear 2011…Plz be nice with all..,Love - Everyone)..

Not but nt the least..we went to their apt’s terrace…started singing, dancing, tuk funny pics..(Romantic it was Mrs. Lavi’s & Ms. Bhuv’s wonderful performances….really a treat 2 our eyes…;):P

The whole “thiruvanmaiyur” area was asleep…except V “6 Musketeers” ;)

Once all our energy got down..we went down around 2.00AM…sat again for chit-chat…Again from A-Z..;)..

all the crap tat v talk....

abt d guys v stalk..

laughs v cant stop..

gossips v spill...

Wonderful way to celebrate the last day of 2010….:) Precious one..I’ll cherish all my lfie..:)

PS: Part – II ( Break ke baad...;)lol

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