Trip to Gateway of TamilNadu...:)

Hai friends……

Recently I had been to Gateway of Tamilnadu…I mean to say..Tuticorin! Really cudnt find a genuine reason y thy call it as pearl city….lol…(Mayb just coz many pearls r available over seashore..)

Thou it was a very personal trip….wats so spl is it's my birthplace. This is the first time I had been to tuti since my grown-up….So I was very much excited….

The most funny part is overall district just covers my area (Arekere) in Bangalore….and the worst part tis it s very much hot and humid..(Really didn’t able to bear it….must say it is hotter than my native place Pondicherry…)

U must believe….the sightseeing charges is just Rs. 140 in an auto….within 1.30 hrs u can cover the whole place..!!lol..

I saw many salt pans where the salt has been obtained by natural evaporation of sea water..

I was so thrilled wen I saw the hospital whre I was born..the school wher my mom did her schooling….wonderful memories..isnt it..??!!

The only specialty I find at my level is that it has got vey gud bakery’s wher delicious macroons r available....Oh my goodness…..those macroons & plumcakes tastes lik in heaven…must taste it once in a life!!

Otherwise it has got very gud man-made harbor… Many thermal projects are coming up there…

U must visit tuti jst coz of those yummy macroons & plumcakes..!! & I will if I get chance in future...after all it’s my birthplace & my mom’s native place too..! :):)

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