Anything for you Ma'm....An IITian love story...

Hai frnds..

Here again with the post….( feel I am very much into bloggin these days…)..

Okie..Tis tme its abt the buk which I read last-last sunday…it was one of my colleagues who suggested me to read tis buk…

After attending my colleagues’ marr reception on sat, I sat with tis buk on sun morn…and by 6 in eve..i ve finished turning 250 odd pages…

The buk is captivating & fabulous..uses a splendid blend of humor to make the novel more interesting…

Titled “ Anything for you ma’m..- An IITian Love story...written by Tushar IITian…Tis s d second buk I am reading with IITian author.first was..” Five Point someone…by Chetan Bhaghat..who became wel known to me cos of “ 3 Idiots”…

Both d buks I thoroughly nj
oyed myself..(though i was winding the pages of chetan’s one..)..Chetan has clearly bought out the typical coll lfe style, hostel looties..friendship during coll lfy..whereas Tushar’s is more of a love story at IIT, Delhi in its background..

Here the storyline..Tejas is n love with shreyas…and wat all risks he take in meetin his love…how he overcomes the hurdles…finally how he manages to meet his love n chennai… thus d story ends..

Frm the beginin how he proposes..the way she accepts it..and a few episod
es on how he handle his project guide to bunk industrial false perception to his family members except his sweet sister…( always sisters knw abt their brothers love..i luv brother-sister relationship..)

Its no
t a typical masala type love story which u ll easily predict wat will turn up next….but Tushar’s ability to hold one’s attention is gr8..kudos to him..he thus makes u to glued to the buk..

In most of the parts, the book made me to relate my future better half to Tejas’s character…I guess almost every gal n tis world wud luv to ve a man
to her side just lik teja’s…A must read for those who stay in dreams waiting for their dream beloved ones…. The buk is worth a read..u shall njoy wat u read..

So wat for waiting frends…just start fall in love with d buk as I did….

My Exhilarating Trip!!

Hai frends

Here am vid d post….abt one of my trips…( feel my frends r thinking wher lucky wud ve gone w/o infrm
g us..??! right..??

Comm’m frends..its a most amazing round about trip to Rajaji nagar…( wat nagar???!!!) yup..exactly…a nagar in b’lore..

It was on fine Saturday wen I was getting ready for one of my colleague’s marr….its n rajaji nagar, west ch
ord road… Since d place s new to me..i was accompanied by my bro..( arey dont think ma bro knows..he also doesnt …lol[:p]..)

I was fillin our 4-wheeler vid d 4 big cartons of gifts.. neatly packed ones..which was bought by me on behalf of 12 ppl…( including ma best boss…)

Ma bro was busy in surfin google map n finding out the way 2 chord rd..he got sum printo
uts, hand-written notes, directions, landmarks, googlemaps..etc.. So v both started to explore rajaji nagar...:)

Since we all planned to gather at 8 in the reception hall….i started out at 6.45.. As soon as v crossed jayadeva circle….it started to drizzle…slowly started to rain merely wen v reached diary circle…& it was full showering wen v wer n lalbhag rd..

Our trip was mere perfect till lalbhag fort rd…no confusion tension.. Since one my colleague suggested to cme via majestic…but ma bro took so called directions via KR Market rd.. we travelled in rd wich s 3m of width..wen v were half way in kr rd..we realized tat v have gone lost….just imagine driving car in market rd..wher motorcycles wer parked in side…ppl wer walkin criss cross here and
therI shud really appreciate my bro’s driving skills…lol…

4 kms…lik light at d end of the tunnel…v saw main rd cming ahead… again v wer n darkness..Whether to go left..or right…or straight… sumhow v managed to cme chamarajpet…almost I wud ve asked 25 ppl on my way to get my way correct…lol… tis rain also troubled us…it was already 8…my heart was beating 1000 times faster….i kept callin my colleagues to get their updates… meanwhile I got into coldwar vid ma bro for not getting correct way…he was yellin at me y didn’t u start early…. Both luked tensed…till v entered rajaji nagr area…one fine soul tld the precise way to reception hall…I still cherish his timely help…

it was 8.15…still nobdy reached…a little smile n my face…
my bro commented…’so happy”… finally v saw d mandapa…but cud not find a parkin lot 4 us..infact all of ma colleagues were busy in finding a place… by 8.30…within 2 min interval…everybody gathered at d entrance…thus our trip to rajaji nagar ends…lol