Value of Rs 500

Hai frends..

This post will sure make a difference!!

One fine evening, wen I was orkuttin, I came across a video with titled “Value of Rs 500”. Its just a short merely 2 min video…wher ppl aging 10 to 60 ve been telling their views on “ wat thy ll do if thy get Rs 500”..indeed a gud quest…

I found d video to b interesting…so added to my fav list.. My mind started to think wat shall I do with 500 Rs…as many said n d video..just lik goin for buffet treat..or buy girlish stuffs etc..

But it was my friend “Prasad” wrkng n Infy in pune…who made a difference in my thought….

Presenting the below msg frm him wen asked him casually wat he ll do with 500 Rs…

B4 continue reading the post, just watch d video..

Tis s how his reply mail started…..

“”There s an add in infy notice board fr providing children with a school kit which costs 250 per student. I may ve given the money for it.

I wnt agree that i would ve surely done it. In reality i would ve spent it to my will. Since i ve seen this video, it will strike in my mind when i ll do some thing useless with that money. Tht's y i say this video is a true awareness.

We spend money lot of time on party or treat but we dont think of ppl who are there without basic food for a day.

We should start doing the following
…Never waste food.

When we have a opportunity to help for someone’s education do it with out a second thought.

When you want to share your happiness on somedays like your birthday or some happy occasion try doing something for the unable like an orphanage or a old age home spend the day with them at the EOD you will feel your happiness has multiplied to infinity (Trust me on this i have done it once).

I know it is easy to say but difficult to follow but no harm in giving a try.

I don’t know will i do this from now on, but i am sure my mind will ping me when i try to do some unwanted spending. so i may reduce it and do as said above.

If you are already doing it continue, else think about it.””

Without a doubt, it’s a very gud msg….a msg which made me to think….kudos to him..

The video doesn’t convey to stop spending...ther shud be mix of spending, saving & lending… There are millions of blessings that we enjoy everyday. We take all of them for granted and hence don't attach any value to it.

If this blog post helps some one like me to think about what 500 rupees is to someone indirectly need of it, it's worth the effort…..

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bruce said...

Yes good point indeed!

Reminds me of a policy i am considering of following...

'If i get any cash from anywhere other than my own work (say lottery or find on the road or some1 gifts me) then I will not keep 75% of it. Will spend it on some1 who really needs it.'

i was never a fan of the birthday treat anyways, I always found it meaningless. There's more ways to spread happiness than buying ur friends food in a fancy overpriced restaurant.

I was involved with an NGO called 'MUGHIL' which was started by our own PEC seniors and they help out orphanages and other institutions for education mostly. It gave me more happiness to spend my birthday with those children and make them happy than spending with my friends. And the best happiness was wen all me and my friends got to spend time with those kids instead of some fancy restaurant.

In the end u get to realise they too are after all kids.. and they hav their dreams and goals in life. its a wonderful feeling to be a small part in helping them one step closer to their goals.. and all this for a mere Rs.500...

In that way, Rs.500 is worth much more than its monetary value

Luckybai said...

hai bruce ( cudnt get ur real n ame..)Glad to note tat u was involved in NGO...true happiness lies in making others happy..

bruce said...

hey yea ha ha ha.. its me leo... i dono y my name is bruce :)