Hai frends….

Here i am with the post…( arey don’t panic..not abt my trips..even I got fed up of writin abt my

Tis tme, I am writin a very commercial one…though I am not promoting anything guys…lol

Its abt the latest pdt released by Knorr …SOUPY NOODLES…wat cmes 2 our mind wen u hear tis….” Actress kajol right…

Okie..jokes apart…so many of u tried Knorr soupy noodles…I ve tried just cos Banjo bhaiya ( my bro’s frend) is the brand marketing manager for tis pdt….who did his MBA @ IIMB.

Nothing sought of promoting all…just telling my views…

I dont know about you all but I certainly am very much into Chinese cuisine… A buffet lunch/meal without a soup is, I feel, somehow incomplete…and I also constantly check

out Indo-Chinese noodles once in month at my fav wang’s Chinese restaurant..….( in reality chinese foods r very dry & sour taste...tats y i mentioned to b indo-chinese..)

I was in ht of eagerness on how tis new combination of soup & noodles tastes like..

It was so delicious to eat…perhaps u need to add vegetables to it…otherwise the noodles tastes dry...

Overall Knorr soupy noodles are available in different veg & non-veg varieties…among these my fav’s are mast masala veg & Chinese ones..

Depending on the modern eating habits of a normal human being in todays world… fast food life style…thy ve developed tis pdt…knorr soupy noodles are really gud to taste..easy to cook..and not that fattening also… Ya Ya I Know it will not at all hamper "U Lovely Girls curves & figures “.. u can surly ve it once for a while…

I suggest to keep a pack or two of Knorr soupy noodles at home coz u can have it whenever you want and also it is good if you have a dinner party at home,you can easily prepare it and its tasty too…a very good kind of starters…..Your guests will be happy too.

So thats it guys if People have not yet checked out buy one of them and i am sure you will say “hmmm YUMMY..”

Bon Appetite frends…

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