Trip to Gateway of TamilNadu...:)

Hai friends……

Recently I had been to Gateway of Tamilnadu…I mean to say..Tuticorin! Really cudnt find a genuine reason y thy call it as pearl city….lol…(Mayb just coz many pearls r available over seashore..)

Thou it was a very personal trip….wats so spl is it's my birthplace. This is the first time I had been to tuti since my grown-up….So I was very much excited….

The most funny part is overall district just covers my area (Arekere) in Bangalore….and the worst part tis it s very much hot and humid..(Really didn’t able to bear it….must say it is hotter than my native place Pondicherry…)

U must believe….the sightseeing charges is just Rs. 140 in an auto….within 1.30 hrs u can cover the whole place..!!lol..

I saw many salt pans where the salt has been obtained by natural evaporation of sea water..

I was so thrilled wen I saw the hospital whre I was born..the school wher my mom did her schooling….wonderful memories..isnt it..??!!

The only specialty I find at my level is that it has got vey gud bakery’s wher delicious macroons r available....Oh my goodness…..those macroons & plumcakes tastes lik in heaven…must taste it once in a life!!

Otherwise it has got very gud man-made harbor… Many thermal projects are coming up there…

U must visit tuti jst coz of those yummy macroons & plumcakes..!! & I will if I get chance in future...after all it’s my birthplace & my mom’s native place too..! :):)

Anything for you Ma'm....An IITian love story...

Hai frnds..

Here again with the post….( feel I am very much into bloggin these days…)..

Okie..Tis tme its abt the buk which I read last-last sunday…it was one of my colleagues who suggested me to read tis buk…

After attending my colleagues’ marr reception on sat, I sat with tis buk on sun morn…and by 6 in eve..i ve finished turning 250 odd pages…

The buk is captivating & fabulous..uses a splendid blend of humor to make the novel more interesting…

Titled “ Anything for you ma’m..- An IITian Love story...written by Tushar IITian…Tis s d second buk I am reading with IITian author.first was..” Five Point someone…by Chetan Bhaghat..who became wel known to me cos of “ 3 Idiots”…

Both d buks I thoroughly nj
oyed myself..(though i was winding the pages of chetan’s one..)..Chetan has clearly bought out the typical coll lfe style, hostel looties..friendship during coll lfy..whereas Tushar’s is more of a love story at IIT, Delhi in its background..

Here the storyline..Tejas is n love with shreyas…and wat all risks he take in meetin his love…how he overcomes the hurdles…finally how he manages to meet his love n chennai… thus d story ends..

Frm the beginin how he proposes..the way she accepts it..and a few episod
es on how he handle his project guide to bunk industrial false perception to his family members except his sweet sister…( always sisters knw abt their brothers love..i luv brother-sister relationship..)

Its no
t a typical masala type love story which u ll easily predict wat will turn up next….but Tushar’s ability to hold one’s attention is gr8..kudos to him..he thus makes u to glued to the buk..

In most of the parts, the book made me to relate my future better half to Tejas’s character…I guess almost every gal n tis world wud luv to ve a man
to her side just lik teja’s…A must read for those who stay in dreams waiting for their dream beloved ones…. The buk is worth a read..u shall njoy wat u read..

So wat for waiting frends…just start fall in love with d buk as I did….

My Exhilarating Trip!!

Hai frends

Here am vid d post….abt one of my trips…( feel my frends r thinking wher lucky wud ve gone w/o infrm
g us..??! right..??

Comm’m frends..its a most amazing round about trip to Rajaji nagar…( wat nagar???!!!) yup..exactly…a nagar in b’lore..

It was on fine Saturday wen I was getting ready for one of my colleague’s marr….its n rajaji nagar, west ch
ord road… Since d place s new to me..i was accompanied by my bro..( arey dont think ma bro knows..he also doesnt …lol[:p]..)

I was fillin our 4-wheeler vid d 4 big cartons of gifts.. neatly packed ones..which was bought by me on behalf of 12 ppl…( including ma best boss…)

Ma bro was busy in surfin google map n finding out the way 2 chord rd..he got sum printo
uts, hand-written notes, directions, landmarks, googlemaps..etc.. So v both started to explore rajaji nagar...:)

Since we all planned to gather at 8 in the reception hall….i started out at 6.45.. As soon as v crossed jayadeva circle….it started to drizzle…slowly started to rain merely wen v reached diary circle…& it was full showering wen v wer n lalbhag rd..

Our trip was mere perfect till lalbhag fort rd…no confusion tension.. Since one my colleague suggested to cme via majestic…but ma bro took so called directions via KR Market rd.. we travelled in rd wich s 3m of width..wen v were half way in kr rd..we realized tat v have gone lost….just imagine driving car in market rd..wher motorcycles wer parked in side…ppl wer walkin criss cross here and
therI shud really appreciate my bro’s driving skills…lol…

4 kms…lik light at d end of the tunnel…v saw main rd cming ahead… again v wer n darkness..Whether to go left..or right…or straight… sumhow v managed to cme chamarajpet…almost I wud ve asked 25 ppl on my way to get my way correct…lol… tis rain also troubled us…it was already 8…my heart was beating 1000 times faster….i kept callin my colleagues to get their updates… meanwhile I got into coldwar vid ma bro for not getting correct way…he was yellin at me y didn’t u start early…. Both luked tensed…till v entered rajaji nagr area…one fine soul tld the precise way to reception hall…I still cherish his timely help…

it was 8.15…still nobdy reached…a little smile n my face…
my bro commented…’so happy”… finally v saw d mandapa…but cud not find a parkin lot 4 us..infact all of ma colleagues were busy in finding a place… by 8.30…within 2 min interval…everybody gathered at d entrance…thus our trip to rajaji nagar ends…lol


Hai frends….

Here i am with the post…( arey don’t panic..not abt my trips..even I got fed up of writin abt my

Tis tme, I am writin a very commercial one…though I am not promoting anything guys…lol

Its abt the latest pdt released by Knorr …SOUPY NOODLES…wat cmes 2 our mind wen u hear tis….” Actress kajol right…

Okie..jokes apart…so many of u tried Knorr soupy noodles…I ve tried just cos Banjo bhaiya ( my bro’s frend) is the brand marketing manager for tis pdt….who did his MBA @ IIMB.

Nothing sought of promoting all…just telling my views…

I dont know about you all but I certainly am very much into Chinese cuisine… A buffet lunch/meal without a soup is, I feel, somehow incomplete…and I also constantly check

out Indo-Chinese noodles once in month at my fav wang’s Chinese restaurant..….( in reality chinese foods r very dry & sour taste...tats y i mentioned to b indo-chinese..)

I was in ht of eagerness on how tis new combination of soup & noodles tastes like..

It was so delicious to eat…perhaps u need to add vegetables to it…otherwise the noodles tastes dry...

Overall Knorr soupy noodles are available in different veg & non-veg varieties…among these my fav’s are mast masala veg & Chinese ones..

Depending on the modern eating habits of a normal human being in todays world… fast food life style…thy ve developed tis pdt…knorr soupy noodles are really gud to taste..easy to cook..and not that fattening also… Ya Ya I Know it will not at all hamper "U Lovely Girls curves & figures “.. u can surly ve it once for a while…

I suggest to keep a pack or two of Knorr soupy noodles at home coz u can have it whenever you want and also it is good if you have a dinner party at home,you can easily prepare it and its tasty too…a very good kind of starters…..Your guests will be happy too.

So thats it guys if People have not yet checked out buy one of them and i am sure you will say “hmmm YUMMY..”

Bon Appetite frends…

Value of Rs 500

Hai frends..

This post will sure make a difference!!

One fine evening, wen I was orkuttin, I came across a video with titled “Value of Rs 500”. Its just a short merely 2 min video…wher ppl aging 10 to 60 ve been telling their views on “ wat thy ll do if thy get Rs 500”..indeed a gud quest…

I found d video to b interesting…so added to my fav list.. My mind started to think wat shall I do with 500 Rs…as many said n d video..just lik goin for buffet treat..or buy girlish stuffs etc..

But it was my friend “Prasad” wrkng n Infy in pune…who made a difference in my thought….

Presenting the below msg frm him wen asked him casually wat he ll do with 500 Rs…

B4 continue reading the post, just watch d video..

Tis s how his reply mail started…..

“”There s an add in infy notice board fr providing children with a school kit which costs 250 per student. I may ve given the money for it.

I wnt agree that i would ve surely done it. In reality i would ve spent it to my will. Since i ve seen this video, it will strike in my mind when i ll do some thing useless with that money. Tht's y i say this video is a true awareness.

We spend money lot of time on party or treat but we dont think of ppl who are there without basic food for a day.

We should start doing the following
…Never waste food.

When we have a opportunity to help for someone’s education do it with out a second thought.

When you want to share your happiness on somedays like your birthday or some happy occasion try doing something for the unable like an orphanage or a old age home spend the day with them at the EOD you will feel your happiness has multiplied to infinity (Trust me on this i have done it once).

I know it is easy to say but difficult to follow but no harm in giving a try.

I don’t know will i do this from now on, but i am sure my mind will ping me when i try to do some unwanted spending. so i may reduce it and do as said above.

If you are already doing it continue, else think about it.””

Without a doubt, it’s a very gud msg….a msg which made me to think….kudos to him..

The video doesn’t convey to stop spending...ther shud be mix of spending, saving & lending… There are millions of blessings that we enjoy everyday. We take all of them for granted and hence don't attach any value to it.

If this blog post helps some one like me to think about what 500 rupees is to someone indirectly need of it, it's worth the effort…..

Signing off now,


A genuine article abt RAHUL GANDHI….

Rahul will be better than Dr Singh as PM: Poll

An opinion poll conducted by NDTV news channel has said a majority of those surveyed expressed satisfaction with the performance of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh , but nearly half felt Rahul Gandhi would make a better premier.

At least 44 per cent of the surveyed Indians felt that they were worse off under UPA II as compared to UPA I with the bulk of both Congress and BJP voters feeling "let down".

According to the opinion poll conducted by the channel on completion of first year of the UPA-II government, 41 per cent of Congress voters and 49 per cent of BJP voters felt they were worse off compared to the previous term of the UPA.

Giving their verdict on the performance of Manmohan Singh as Prime Minister in the last one year, almost 70 per cent of surveyed Indians expressed their satisfaction.

However, nearly half of the surveyed population felt Rahul Gandhi would make a better prime minister than Singh and a majority of 55 per cent people felt Rahul will be the next man in the post.

When it came to comparing Congress chief Sonia Gandhi with Manmohan Singh in terms of their influence, 63 per cent of the surveyed population considered her to be more powerful than Singh.

On the performance of cabinet ministers, 61 percent of the people covered by the opinion poll rated Home Minister P Chidambaram as a "high performer".

At least 67 per cent felt government should use the Army to fight Naxalites .
On Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee , 59 per cent of applauded him but 62 per cent of the people felt they were very much affected by the inflation, according to the opinion poll.

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was considered the best performing chief minister in the last one year with those surveyed giving him 85 per cent, just one per cent higher than Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

About Telecom Minister A Raja , a majority of the voting population in Tamil Nadu (57 per cent) believed he was guilty of spectrum allocation scam, said the opinion poll.
A sharply divided response came from Kerala voters on Shashi Tharoor's exit from the union ministry in the wake of the IPL controversy with 37 per cent voting in favour of his dismissal while an almost equal percentage felt it was a wrong action.

The response was also divided on what should be India's attitude towards Pakistan, with 39 per cent of the people believing that India can be friends with the neighbouring country while 35 per cent of them opining that India should fight Pakistan.


Trip to Mahe

Hai everybody… Since many requested to blog more frequently… I am with the post abt my latest trip to Mahe..the city of sun..phew…how much hotness.?!! We were full sweating….sweating…sweating…
But in the light of tis bitterness…v really had sum loads of sweetness too… Along with me, sindu, saki, anu also joined us from hyde…then deepa’s colleagues, roomies..also joined…In total…8 of us started our trip on Apr 9th (Friday eve).. frm b’lore…

Durin our usual v chatted..giggled…saw “Leader” telugu movie in saki’s laptop…while munching sumthing in our mouth…lol.
With a amazing translation of anu, I really got became fan of the hero..Rana…smart
OMG…wat a unforgettable trip..on our was full of darkness..mountainous area… We felt as if sum ghost is comin and knockin our window… us…lol..tat ht of fear ..we finally reached tellicherry at early morning..deepa has arranged for van to us…and directed to the hotel wich she booked for us…tis much u shud not ve done deepa…anyways it so sweet of u.. It was my mom’s bday ( Apr 10th) too..i really missed my house celebrations..( tis is a only my bro enjoyed a lot with out me..[L] Already the chennai wala ve reached the hotel by 4..after a small nap..v started to get ready in our traditional sarees….and reached deepa’s house…
She was lookin her light pinkinsh saree…arey typical kerala style decorations..
She is fully covered with gold…” na bangaram..”lol…and to the ht of surprise..she had indeed one meter of flowers tied to her 50 cm length hair…lol..( jus kiddin deepa..)..
The aunty who did ur make up..a real kudos to her…
After all those intro with her family mem, v found a place for us to sit and enjoy the show..[J]..v had a photo session with lovely gal..
Thy gave us typical kerala upma and tea under the sunshades of coconut tree….with warm breeze blowing towards us…surrounded with decorations….we had our breakfast….
As the guests started to come…we were eagerly waiting for the bridegrrom to come…we also started to sight sum mallu guys..who looked cho sweet…ok ok ..i ll control myself…lol..
To our much expectation…finally bridegroom came..and stood in the stage that was beautifully decorated…then bride joined him..after some formalities..both exchanged their mala’s and handrings..
Tats all..marriage got over..jsut one hr..then we spent our time in photo seession with our next gonna-to –be marriaed gal..Lisha with her hubby Srikanth…thy gonna tie their knot on may 15th…
We were really tried of all these sessions..and really wanted to sleep…but our frend invited us for another photo session with her…
Hmm..after giving a warm smile.v finally had our lunch in 5th round…again typical keral food…but myself and charan were so exicted abt mon-veg..but to our was oly veg..their rice was so big tat v need to much very strongly…
We were so tired that we want to go to a nice nap..but deepa insisted us to come along with her to her new home,,,
We thought she ll drop frm her eyes…but she was so happy to go to her new house…a very beautiful love cum arranged marriage..
With all her relations gathered in her house…we entered, met and greeted her…and then to the surprise..again thy made to have lunch…tis time it non-veg…
Oh my god..i am havin two lunch with just one hr gap…but it was too much ever v had space in our stomach..
Then we bid adieu to her…and started towards hotel…as we ve got our bus at 8.00…As Chennai wala’s palnned to leave the next day..we alone went to mahe beach which is just walkable distance….
It was oly cos of beach..v were able to go..Othersiwe..we were not in an position to move..
It was lovely beach..( of course coast of Arabian sea…)..had sum running race..etc etc…after much of fun in beach..Inded it relieved us from the sweating..left to the nearby under-construction park..
Started again our funny photo session..As time was fast movin…we started towards the hotel…packed our thing sin hurry-burry….left mahe..reached tellicherry by 7…..filled our bags with kerala’s all time fav banana chips..( arey..i need to get more as many of my colleagues demanded me..)..sum cooking coconut oil, sum tasty, delicious cashew alwa..etc..
As usual..sindu who is very spl in tasting different kerala was ok for me..then again watched sum songs in saki’s lappy..and finally travelled towards Bangalore after adding one more feather to our golden memories…
As it was one day trip..we were really tired. and I slept till noon on tat Sunday…
It was indeed a short and sweet trip to mahe…i ll always cherish those memories…
Signing off now.. See u all in my next post…