Hai friends…

This I wanted to write for a very long time…Its been running in my mind since I started traveling in & around Bangalore in my Honda Activa – “My Second Love” (Yup.. I know wats wandering in ur mind is wat abt my first love right??? Lol…. (Keep guessing friends…hehehhe)

Ok jokes apart…

Wat comes to ur mind when u hear “AMBULANCE”… A vehicle which is meant for picking or dropping ppl who needs to be immediately admitted in hospital… Exactly they r in EMERGENCY!! (Give stress to this word while reading!!)

The “AMBULANCE” is not like other two wheelers, cars, govt buses, corporate vans, travels, cargo vehicles etc…can’t even be compared to it!!

As said in my earlier post, Bangalore is very famous for the word” Traffic”…Each traffic signal lasts btw 30 60 sec depending upon the no of junctions….The worst cases is that sum places with 6 to 8 junctions, we need to stand for 160 secs approx…( Only those who r in emergency knows the true value of tat 160 secs……

And that too the traffic at one road in a junction itself extends upto 3 to 4 kms max…

Atleast thrice a week, I used to see an ambulance standing in the traffic signal just like other common vehicles… (Of course there is no use of tat siren….)

Whenever I hear that siren from ambulance, I really feel always like sum one is crying aloud for help…

Some good-hearted persons will keep horning so that the traffic police will do arrangement such that the vehicles will move forward giving way to the ambulance!!

But in vain, I ve never seen anybody doing like that. They will just stand as if they have not heard the siren.. (I am not pin-pointing anybody…. Just telling you the fact in reality…)

The ambulance driver will find the best way to pass through the roads in the same time he has many lives in his hand, his own, people on road and also patient in ambulance.

But this isn’t happening when some ministers or politicians come…In fact the vehicles will be blocked at all sides till the VIPs’ have gone out of our sight…

This much they do for them…why cant at lest control the signal such way that ambulance has not been made to wait…

And the world is so much into Technology like Bluetooth, Wireless communications…why we can’t have automated signals such way that when the siren sound is heard, the signaling has been changed automated in the particular direction...

What best we can do from our side when we have the ambulance behind is just move in a way where the vehicle can cut through the traffic and move faster.

Some countries make it a crime to not leave way for emergency vehicles. Even in these countries, it is not like the people are extremely disciplined or "pray for" the people in distress. IT IS THE LAW.

But our Bangaloreans! Wow! Heights of stupidity! Most of the bikers and auto rickshaws and even cars! Sometimes run behind the ambulance and even sum times aheading it blocking the way to the ambulance… so as to reach the destination faster..!!

If Bangaloreans are really reading/seeing and listening to this issue/concern, Pl keep in mind that there is a life in do or die situation and we have to pray or make way to make him reach the hospital at the earliest.

We might also join hands to print notice or public message to make this a success.

No offense meant to you.


Hai friends…Its been months since I wrote/ posted on my blog…Life was so busy that I couldn’t open the blog myself…

I am here to write abt my recent visit to Karaikal…for one of my close friend’s marriage…!! started off something like all 6 of my friend’s in Bangalore will attend the marriage..Good….But then it turned down to 5…Better …But Atlast it knocked down to 4…Fine ( Its always better to go in even nos, so that we ll always have one to accompany one at all times…am I right gals??..)

We, the 4 Students (First-class action flicked romantic movie..Lol) sorry 4 Professionals started off at midnight in SRS travels….Since all of us came right from our office, we busy bugs couldn’t chat during the bus travel….

Oh sorry..I totally forgot to tell abt the thing that happened in the waiting room in SRS travels..!! One of my friends who got recently married was accompanied by her husband on that day. So we got an opportunity to tease the romantic couple for sum time!!! ( I know she wud kill me for this !!)

Around 8 in the morning, we reached karaikal where our hostel GS (General Secretary) gave us warm welcoming!!

The Chennai TCs gals also has arrived the very same morning…..After all those introduction meeting with our GS family members, we started to comment on each other as its been long since we met.!!

After a heavy buffet breakfast at their house, we started to chat till noon….

Our newly wed friend was helping our GS’s mom in cooking…(Know wat…. she never cooks at her

Then around 1 pm, we had veg-nonveg combo specially prepared by our GS’s mom and sis...( Never the hotels/hostels can beat the tasty healthy home-made food!!)

After a small nap, we started to get ready for a blast!!! All the beautiful ladies (of Course its V!! Lol) was busy in giving our best shots to each other cameras!! hehehhe

We started off in auto to one of our aunty’s house ( You can wonder who will be our aunty!! She is none other than our close friend who is a mother of 6 month handsome Mr.Chennai!!

We all were touched by the way she nurtures her babe…After all those chit-chats, we started to temple wher our friend who is getting married will be travelling to the mandapa in 5km/hr speed car!! Lol ….

Both the bride & bride-groom was looking gr8 together! As the musical bands marching ahead, all the ladies in sarees following them, we were walking at the side of the slow moving vehicle..!! It was quite indeed a long walk! Phew They covered each and every streets in karaikal!!

Alas the marriage hall came into our sight after a long time!! We all went inside (konjam over than..Irunthalum solraen) the whole mandapam turned towards us..hehehehe.

As far as my opinion, than the bridegroom’s friends the bride’s friends will get of more attraction..!!!

The reception started off in a grand manner…All started forming a que to handover the gifts to the couple…( Here too the que system!!! Phew..!!!)

First their family friends, neighbors, colleagues, long-distant relations …then finally comes the FRIENDS… all the weddings. Friends will give gifts at the last…This readily shows that they will be there till the end of your life!!!

Always the kalyana food will be damm gud…As usual we had a nice supper… chatted

till 12 in the mandapa….

In between we ourselfes indulged in giving the thambula to the ppl who attended the marriage..We really had fun in doing so..We did not sit like a chief guest….we felt it like our own sisters marriage…( Sooo Senti!!)

Then we left to our aunty’s house ( Hope u got whom I meant now)…As some of our friends felt tired, myself, charan, aunty, newly wed friend reva, going to be married “Lavi”.. all started chatting!!

Previously wen we all meet, we chatted abt friends, movies, college, our juniors, work life etc…

Guess wat…On that night we all chatted…no-no…gathered knowledge abt LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE!!!....(Includes everything. Hope u got it!!Heheheh)

Newly wed friend and our aunty gave us tips and shared their real-life experiences!!! It went till 2.30..

In the morning we started to get ready and we were in mandapa by 7.30. All the usual marriage customs were took place…the couple were dressed in the traditional dress and caught everybody’s’ attraction..

Soon after the bridegroom tied the knot, we all were busy in capturing them in our cameras..!!

Then comes our breakfast…Here I should mention all the items yaar…wow wat a variety…starting from idly, mini dosa with two types of chutney and hot sambar, puri with potato masala, spicy pongal, aappam in combination with sweet milk, bonda, vada, kesari, the famous one & only Karaikal Alwa……and with our own choice of tea or coffee…!!

I know…all ur mouths are watering now!! Heheheh

Then we, 4 Professionals bid bye to others and left to Pondicherry (Our home-place during our college life)

Till 10 in the night we roamed in our second home-place…shopped till we dropped…lol

At 10.15 PM we started towards Bangalore with fun-filled memories….

See U all in my Next Post!!!

Till Then Take Care!!!