My Chennai Trip

Hai friends…

Guess wat I am goin to write abt now..??!! usual abt one of my trips..!!...But tis time..its not for any occasions like marriage, engagement etc…In fact I ve created own occasion.. just a meet with friends in Chennai…

I strongly believe that, everyone should take time out once in a while to recharge and rejuvenate their energy. The key is to have a balance between your work & life…."

That’s what I exactly did after stressful weeks at my office…Planned a small weekend trip to Chennai to meet my friends…

This post i am dedicating to LH TRANSCENDENTS.......PEC 2008 BATCH

My LH bangaloreans were too busy in their project in TCs..and thy will not b able to take leave..& also it was my sudden I missed sindu, reva, thushi, saki, ramya & deepa during my trip.. yeah..i kno thy r busy climbing the ladder of success..i wish them all the best….hope v all plan a getto/trip to Hyd/tirupathi soon….

A fine Friday morning…took a bus to Chennai…with eyes full of stress..with my heart full & full of thoughts abt my friends…landed safely by 7 pm..On my way..i enjoyed & amazed seeing the singara chennai city….( wow….it s thrice as Bangalore yaar……) It was arundathi who came to pick me up…Thanks to Asoka pillar which stood right in the centre making two friends to meet easily……Indeed a BIG thanks to my dear aru…I kno she ll always stay by my side at the times of need…

As my friends are scattered in different areas in Chennai….i informed them..infact ordered them to come to apartment wher meera, charan, lisha kutty stays… to spend quality time with me..…Thanks a TON “JO” for stayin that n8 along with us…

It was indeed a sudden surprise that Mrs.Lavi ( kutchiice) is also staying there from that morning…...( Nobody ever told me abt it..Bad communication gals inspite of many phone calls frm me..!!!!…)

Going to be married gal..RR Lavi also joined us from vellore …Myself and arundathi travelled from asoka pillar to thiruvanmiyur..( wat a traffic yaar…atleast by walk guess we wud ve reached earlier…lol…especially at the TIDEL Park area….) reached by around 9…Lavi & Jo waited for us in thiruvanmiyur bus stand…Soon Mrs.Lavi, meera accompanied us.. endra malaiyala kutty lisha ( kitchu) was leavin to tirupathi trip with her office team….( so jealous da…lol..) she luked totally cool in her ¾ th jeans & tops.....

As usual v started commented each other…It was after 365 days ( aprox) ..i am seeing Jyothi since her joinin in TCs..…She luked too gud even addin lit wt…

Their 2 BHK apartment was totally gud..Rooms were just like how if bachelor stays…lol…Just imagine…

It was well equipped with Fridge, TV, dinning table, chairs etc…After the dinner prepared by their housemaid akka…had spent our time in chatting…

Guess who gave the last massive none other than Ms. Charanya..- the Backbone of TCS…wenever u ask her she says she is busy wth work....seems always first to leave frm home and last to reach home…lol…( Just opposite to a typical LH Transcendents..…who is always Last to go..First to come..)…

Don’t know how v get all those energy to chit chat…myself, aru meera, charan, Mrs.Lavi, RR Lavi, jo and their roommate ( indeed I admired her..she is stunning beauty…) started to chat…this time am not goin to tell u wat v chatted…It s just KT section..( knowledge transfer..- most commonly used term in TCS…) so U urself guess it….lol….

Continued till 3 am…& finally decided to give rest to our eyes…

That day I felt as if there was 48 hrs in a day…lol…

Then on Saturday..we got up & done all the usual stuffs..planned to have lunch outside… In Barbeque nation in Chennai costs oly 250 for buffet…damm it here thy charge 450 yaar…

Still as meera & aru doesn’t ve non-veg..we planned to have in anjapar..chettinad restaurant in Pondybazaar area…myself & kutchice..started with the order….soups…3 starters…then many maincourse items..then ended with milkshake with icecream…In between v also tried our hand in veg which jo, meera, aru has ordered….(arey yaar… I became a foodie after comin to b’lore..…lol..)

Then we started to shop in pondy bazaar wher v ll get cheap kurtas, tops & accessories…so got as many as I want…

It was me who wanted to shop..but it was for RR Lavi..v all went many search of blue bangles for her to match with her reception saree……( will kill u if u don’t wear those bangles de….lol…)

Thank god..…after a dozen shops …finally v got wat she wants...kitchu joined us directly from her tirupathi trip..earlier v thought of goin to besant nagar beach or thiruvanmiyur beach..but as it was already quarter to 8.30..we catched auto..reached aru had sum office work the next day..she left to home frm pondy bazaar.. It was aru who gave me the idea of Chennai trip..who boosted me & accompanied me…otherwise it wud b a day-dream for me!!! Thanks dear….

Along with the dinner, had the tirupathi laddus which kitchu got for us..(Yummy & charan got many hindi movies & one English movie..we all deicded to see the english movie “ PREY”..its just a adventurous & thrilling one..)

Myself, charan, RR Lavi, kutchice, meera saw the whole movie till 2.30 am..( if suppose I am at my home, I rarely stay awake till 10 after comin frm office @ 7.30 or 8….but dono how I managed to sleep at 2.30 or 3 in the morning…tats the power of friends..thy make us to b brisk, energetic.. Friends are full of life..

Finally the day came wen I suppose to leave to b’lore…I was on double joy wen RR Lavi also joinin me till vellore…took photos for my remembrance…( hope meera sends it very soon to me…lol)kutchice told she will drop us in koyembedu busstand…meera & kitchu started to make a gist of things to buy in the market..!! ( thy r very much into household maintenance & managing budget..kudos to meera, charan, kitchu…

Finally bid adieu to all of them…then the most memorable thing happened…thanks to kutchice for that triple’s trip from thiruvamiyur to koyembedu in her scooty….i am very dare to go like that…arey yaar…to our bad each signal v crossed 2 to 3 policemen’s were there…but it was like passin board exams…lol..…to the ht of fun..v passed all…lol…

It was a heart-throbbing trip da.. will not forget in my life time…

I had another 4 hrs to spend time with lavi….v again chatted…& chatted….finally she got down in vellore….then I started to b’lore thinking abt the golden memories I had in singara cehnnai….

I wish & hope that u all gals will come over to b’lore..stay @ my home...and spend the weekend with all LH bangaloreans……My next trip will b to hyd (hopefully) to meet my friends over ther...

Bidding adieu now with lots of luv..


Hai friends…

This I wanted to write for a very long time…Its been running in my mind since I started traveling in & around Bangalore in my Honda Activa – “My Second Love” (Yup.. I know wats wandering in ur mind is wat abt my first love right??? Lol…. (Keep guessing friends…hehehhe)

Ok jokes apart…

Wat comes to ur mind when u hear “AMBULANCE”… A vehicle which is meant for picking or dropping ppl who needs to be immediately admitted in hospital… Exactly they r in EMERGENCY!! (Give stress to this word while reading!!)

The “AMBULANCE” is not like other two wheelers, cars, govt buses, corporate vans, travels, cargo vehicles etc…can’t even be compared to it!!

As said in my earlier post, Bangalore is very famous for the word” Traffic”…Each traffic signal lasts btw 30 60 sec depending upon the no of junctions….The worst cases is that sum places with 6 to 8 junctions, we need to stand for 160 secs approx…( Only those who r in emergency knows the true value of tat 160 secs……

And that too the traffic at one road in a junction itself extends upto 3 to 4 kms max…

Atleast thrice a week, I used to see an ambulance standing in the traffic signal just like other common vehicles… (Of course there is no use of tat siren….)

Whenever I hear that siren from ambulance, I really feel always like sum one is crying aloud for help…

Some good-hearted persons will keep horning so that the traffic police will do arrangement such that the vehicles will move forward giving way to the ambulance!!

But in vain, I ve never seen anybody doing like that. They will just stand as if they have not heard the siren.. (I am not pin-pointing anybody…. Just telling you the fact in reality…)

The ambulance driver will find the best way to pass through the roads in the same time he has many lives in his hand, his own, people on road and also patient in ambulance.

But this isn’t happening when some ministers or politicians come…In fact the vehicles will be blocked at all sides till the VIPs’ have gone out of our sight…

This much they do for them…why cant at lest control the signal such way that ambulance has not been made to wait…

And the world is so much into Technology like Bluetooth, Wireless communications…why we can’t have automated signals such way that when the siren sound is heard, the signaling has been changed automated in the particular direction...

What best we can do from our side when we have the ambulance behind is just move in a way where the vehicle can cut through the traffic and move faster.

Some countries make it a crime to not leave way for emergency vehicles. Even in these countries, it is not like the people are extremely disciplined or "pray for" the people in distress. IT IS THE LAW.

But our Bangaloreans! Wow! Heights of stupidity! Most of the bikers and auto rickshaws and even cars! Sometimes run behind the ambulance and even sum times aheading it blocking the way to the ambulance… so as to reach the destination faster..!!

If Bangaloreans are really reading/seeing and listening to this issue/concern, Pl keep in mind that there is a life in do or die situation and we have to pray or make way to make him reach the hospital at the earliest.

We might also join hands to print notice or public message to make this a success.

No offense meant to you.


Hai friends…Its been months since I wrote/ posted on my blog…Life was so busy that I couldn’t open the blog myself…

I am here to write abt my recent visit to Karaikal…for one of my close friend’s marriage…!! started off something like all 6 of my friend’s in Bangalore will attend the marriage..Good….But then it turned down to 5…Better …But Atlast it knocked down to 4…Fine ( Its always better to go in even nos, so that we ll always have one to accompany one at all times…am I right gals??..)

We, the 4 Students (First-class action flicked romantic movie..Lol) sorry 4 Professionals started off at midnight in SRS travels….Since all of us came right from our office, we busy bugs couldn’t chat during the bus travel….

Oh sorry..I totally forgot to tell abt the thing that happened in the waiting room in SRS travels..!! One of my friends who got recently married was accompanied by her husband on that day. So we got an opportunity to tease the romantic couple for sum time!!! ( I know she wud kill me for this !!)

Around 8 in the morning, we reached karaikal where our hostel GS (General Secretary) gave us warm welcoming!!

The Chennai TCs gals also has arrived the very same morning…..After all those introduction meeting with our GS family members, we started to comment on each other as its been long since we met.!!

After a heavy buffet breakfast at their house, we started to chat till noon….

Our newly wed friend was helping our GS’s mom in cooking…(Know wat…. she never cooks at her

Then around 1 pm, we had veg-nonveg combo specially prepared by our GS’s mom and sis...( Never the hotels/hostels can beat the tasty healthy home-made food!!)

After a small nap, we started to get ready for a blast!!! All the beautiful ladies (of Course its V!! Lol) was busy in giving our best shots to each other cameras!! hehehhe

We started off in auto to one of our aunty’s house ( You can wonder who will be our aunty!! She is none other than our close friend who is a mother of 6 month handsome Mr.Chennai!!

We all were touched by the way she nurtures her babe…After all those chit-chats, we started to temple wher our friend who is getting married will be travelling to the mandapa in 5km/hr speed car!! Lol ….

Both the bride & bride-groom was looking gr8 together! As the musical bands marching ahead, all the ladies in sarees following them, we were walking at the side of the slow moving vehicle..!! It was quite indeed a long walk! Phew They covered each and every streets in karaikal!!

Alas the marriage hall came into our sight after a long time!! We all went inside (konjam over than..Irunthalum solraen) the whole mandapam turned towards us..hehehehe.

As far as my opinion, than the bridegroom’s friends the bride’s friends will get of more attraction..!!!

The reception started off in a grand manner…All started forming a que to handover the gifts to the couple…( Here too the que system!!! Phew..!!!)

First their family friends, neighbors, colleagues, long-distant relations …then finally comes the FRIENDS… all the weddings. Friends will give gifts at the last…This readily shows that they will be there till the end of your life!!!

Always the kalyana food will be damm gud…As usual we had a nice supper… chatted

till 12 in the mandapa….

In between we ourselfes indulged in giving the thambula to the ppl who attended the marriage..We really had fun in doing so..We did not sit like a chief guest….we felt it like our own sisters marriage…( Sooo Senti!!)

Then we left to our aunty’s house ( Hope u got whom I meant now)…As some of our friends felt tired, myself, charan, aunty, newly wed friend reva, going to be married “Lavi”.. all started chatting!!

Previously wen we all meet, we chatted abt friends, movies, college, our juniors, work life etc…

Guess wat…On that night we all chatted…no-no…gathered knowledge abt LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE!!!....(Includes everything. Hope u got it!!Heheheh)

Newly wed friend and our aunty gave us tips and shared their real-life experiences!!! It went till 2.30..

In the morning we started to get ready and we were in mandapa by 7.30. All the usual marriage customs were took place…the couple were dressed in the traditional dress and caught everybody’s’ attraction..

Soon after the bridegroom tied the knot, we all were busy in capturing them in our cameras..!!

Then comes our breakfast…Here I should mention all the items yaar…wow wat a variety…starting from idly, mini dosa with two types of chutney and hot sambar, puri with potato masala, spicy pongal, aappam in combination with sweet milk, bonda, vada, kesari, the famous one & only Karaikal Alwa……and with our own choice of tea or coffee…!!

I know…all ur mouths are watering now!! Heheheh

Then we, 4 Professionals bid bye to others and left to Pondicherry (Our home-place during our college life)

Till 10 in the night we roamed in our second home-place…shopped till we dropped…lol

At 10.15 PM we started towards Bangalore with fun-filled memories….

See U all in my Next Post!!!

Till Then Take Care!!!

Short story..

Once upon a time in a village, a man appeared and announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for Rs10. The villagers seeing that there were so many monkeys around, went out to the forest and started catching them. The man bought thousands at Rs10 and as supply started to diminish, the villagers stopped their effort.

He further announced that he would now buy at Rs20. This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again. Soon the supply diminished even further and people started going back to their farms. The offer rate increased to Rs25 and the supply of monkeys became so little that it was an effort to even see a monkey, let alone catch it!

The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at Rs50! However, since he had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now buy onbehalf of him. In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers. Look at all these monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I will sell them to you at Rs35 and when the man returns from the city, you can sell it to him for Rs50."

The villagers squeezed up with all their savings and bought all the monkeys.

Then they never saw the man nor his assistant, only monkeys everywhere!! !

Welcome to the "Stock" Market!!!!!

Bangalore in 2012

If its's happening here in Namma Bangalore.

Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in India. Bangalore has attracted people, companies, tourists and multinationals towards it. The massive changes that the city has witnessed clearly show that the city has developed rapidly. The population of the city is also increased vigorously due to migration of people from other parts of country. This has indeed reduced the population of kannadiga’s
Along with the population the city has also seen great improvements to its roads, highways and other infrastructure. With just 3 years being away from home, I can see that several flyovers have come into existence making the traffic and travel easier. But still, the problem of traffic congestion still exists in Bangalore.
Several measures/projects which stand/stood in the way of Bangalore give me immense happiness towards the development of the city.

Bangalore Metro Rail Project ( Namma metro)

International airport at Devanhalli (recently construction got over)
Some Interesting feature proposed in the new International Airport are
Large upmarket shopping areas - Multi cuisine restaurants - Play areas and day care centres Just have a glance at the airport.!!!

Innovative Film City
The people who brought the Innovative Multiplex theatres to Bangalore two years ago are currently working towards a Film City project with movie production facilities of International standards, entertainment zone, and technical expertise related to films & sound and film training institute. This project aims at giving a major boost to tourism industry, film industry & entertainment industry in Karnataka.

Brigade Gateway’ located at Bangalore is a residential project developed by Brigade Group.
Brigade Gateway, covering 40 acres that stretch from Malleswaram to Rajajinagar, will be the first lifestyle enclave in Bangalore. It was exclusively designed by H.O.K., New York. (International industry surveys rank H.O.K. amongst the world's leading architectural firms.)

Before Completion

After Completion

Mumbai Based Property Developers B Raheja Builders has launched Their maiden Residential Project in Bangalore, Centrally located in up-market Rajmahal Vilas, Dollar Colony

The 6 towers of 20 floors each, stand amidst 11 acres of landscaping, Water, Fauna, Pebble paths, Natural stones, simplicity of design and wide-open spaces - Pebble Bay at Rajmahal Vilas, Dollars Colony in Bangalore. Dollars Colony is surrounded with sophisticated villas that make for uninterrupted, yet pleasant views from the towers of Pebble Bay. The garden podium with 9 water bodies, an orchard and zero access to vehicles with facilities for sports, entertainment, meditation, or plain relaxation.
Spacious apartment with no protruding columns and beams.
Large Expansive windows for greater cross-ventilation and natural light.
Hardwood flooring in the Master Bedrooms, vitrified flooring in Living Room.
Italian marble in all the Toilets with duravit/Toto sanitary ware and Hansgrohe/Toto fittings. Geysers, Italian marble Counter Tops with Teak Wood Storage Cabinets.
Pre-fitted designer kitchen cabinets with Chimney and Hob.
Split A/C piping in each room.
Video Door Intercom.
Concealed copper electric wiring and fans provided in each room.
Entrance lobbies with double-height.
Mitsubishi / Fujitec high-speed elevators.
Exclusive Children’s play area.
Open-air amphitheatre.
Party rooms and BBQ grills.
Jogging track and work-out area.
Fully Equipped gym.
Swimming pool and Jacuzzi.
Basketball, Tennis, squash courts and Billiards, table tennis rooms.
Supermarket and ATM

Just like my dream[:)]
Introducing Prestige Shantiniketan:

A townscape placed in one of the most envied areas in the city - Whitefield. Filled with 105 acres of fresh, green spaces, it is a haven that promises to offer you the best in cosmopolitan lifestyles. From an expansive residential precinct, the Business Center to the Forum Mall, a world-class convention center and a five-screen multiplex- all this exquisitely designed and laid out amidst rolling greens.


Soul Space Developers are setting up two malls in Bangalore for which the estimated completion date is May 2009 namely:

1) Soul Space Arena - Near Akme Ballet, Outer Ring Road - 3,35,000 Sft
2) Soul Space Spirit - Bellandur Gate, Outer Ring Road - 2,92,000 Sft

Gopalan Enterprises is constructing around 3 malls

· It is facing the main Bannerghatta Road, which has a width of 80 ft road, giving it easy accessible road
· The immediate surrounding locality is very prospective and has IT Companies, such as Oracle, Accenture & residential projects of builders like Mantri Developers, Ansals among others

Signature Mall - Old Madras Road (3 Lakh Sft). Expected to open by mid 2009.

Innovation Mall - Bannerghata Road (1,80,000 Sft). Expected to open in 2009.

Arch Mall - Rajarajeshwari Nagar Expected to open in early 2009.

Out of which the construction of Innovation mall is close proximity to my house.
Phoenix Mills Ltd has announced its first mixed-use retail-led destination in Bangalore, Phoenix Market City, to be located at Whitefield, at an investment of Rs 645 crore.
The construction of the 29.54-lakh sq. ft mall has commenced from February 2008, said Mr Tony Ward, Chief Operating Officer – Leasing, Phoenix Mills Ltd. It is expected to be ready by January 2010.

Project Snapshot
Total Land Area 9,29,000 sft
Total Retail Area 17,00,000 sft
Office Area 5,00,000 sft
Hotel Room 236 nos 6,30,000 sft
Hotel Retail Area 1,200 sft
Entertainment Area 18,000 sft
F & B Area 60,000 sft
Multiplex 55,000 sft
Service Apartment 174 nos 60,000 sft
Night Club 12,000 sft
Parking Area for Main Mall (Mall+Hotel+Service Apartments) 3,000 nos 10,70,000 sft

It looks like a ‘city within a city'[:)]

The MBD Group will launch MBD Zephyr, a mixed-use lifestyle destination entailing luxury hotel, luxury retail and premium retail and entertainment in Bangalore.MBD Zephyr is the first of its kind mixed use development in India which will interpret the concept of luxury in three defined categories: luxury hotel, luxury retail, premium retail and entertainment.
The Luxury retail area would target brands like Gucci, Versace, Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton to name a few.While, the premium retail area would target brands like Debenhams, Zara, Mango, Marks & Spencers and Body Shop.Bangalore is the third in the MBD Group's portfolio of mixed-use development in the country.

Several other infrastructure projects are coming on the way to Bangalore as follows:
1. Hindhuja realty ventures have proposed to construct a Software park in Yelahanka which is near to the International Airport. Its construction is expected to start in 2 to 3 months.
2. Bangalore Water supply and Sewarage Board (BWSSB) has also come up with several projects for the betterment of environment and society.
3. Improvement in BMTC services
4. Introducing many Volvo type buses at reasonable cost
5. More flyovers and underpasses are expected to make traveling both within the city and from outside more comfortable.

If things move in the right direction, Bangalore 2012 will be truly a city of the future where everyone wants to live. And life will be more comfortable, at least in terms of transport. But if infrastructure projects continue to become victims of political bickering, the Silicon City is sure to be more chaotic.

The New Dictionary

Hai frends,
On day 3 of this BRAND NEW YEAR, I take immense pleasure to Wish you all my dear Blog Visitors, Have a Joyous New year ahead..
Here is the list of words with new meaning given to it. Quite interesting!!

LECTURE: An art of transmitting Information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of students without passing through the minds of either

CONFERENCE: The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present
COMPROMISE: The art of dividing a cake in such a way that everybody believes he got the biggest piece

TEARS: The hydraulic force by which masculine will power is defeated by feminine water-power!
DICTIONARY: A place where divorce comes before marriage

CONFERENCE ROOM: A place where everybody talks, nobody listens and everybody disagrees later on
ECSTASY: A feeling when you feel you are going to feel a feeling you have never felt before

CLASSIC: A book which people praise, but never read

SMILE: A curve that can set a lot of things straight!

OFFICE: A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life

YAWN: The only time when some married men ever get to open their mouth
ETC: A sign to make others believe that you know more than you actually do

COMMITTEE: Individuals who can do nothing individually and sit to decide that nothing can be done together
EXPERIENCE: The name men give to their Mistakes
ATOM BOMB: An invention to bring an end to all inventions

PHILOSOPHER: A fool who torments himself during life, to be spoken of when dead

DIPLOMAT: A person who tells you to go to hell in such a way that you actually look forward to the trip

OPPORTUNIST: A person who starts taking bath if he accidentally falls into a river

OPTIMIST: A person who while falling from EIFFEL TOWER says in midway "SEE I AM NOT INJURED YET!"

PESSIMIST: A person who says that O is the last letter in ZERO, Instead of the first letter in OPPORTUNITY

MISER: A person who lives poor so that he can die RICH!

FATHER: A banker provided by nature

CRIMINAL: A guy no different from the other, unless he gets caught

BOSS: Someone who is early when you are late and late when you are early

POLITICIAN: One who shakes your hand before elections and your Confidence Later
DIVORCE: Future Tense of Marriage

MARRIAGE: It's an agreement wherein a man loses his bachelor degree and a woman gains her master
CIGARETTE: A pinch of tobacco rolled in paper with fire at one end and a fool at the other!