My Hostel Life

Hello all,
Thought let me write my experience about the Hostel life and here I am with this review.

Now, when ever this particular word comes to my mind, the only line that I utter next(with a HUGE SIGH!) ..... ’’Oh my God... I am missing IT BADLY’’ Those who stayed at home during there college days may not know how interesting and CHILLING this experience would be. So thought let me shed some light on it :-)
Till my first yr of college, I was with my parents and when I had entered my Core Department, I asked my parents to shift to Bangalore where my brother works so that i can enjoy the bliss of Hostel Life . It was coz of my brother's Hostel life experience @ BITS Pilani, which inspired me to stay in hostel at any cost. Of course, as you could think, I was very much home sick! But every day after finishing my classes I used to call my Mom and talk to her(, Mom’s KID you see!!).
But later on, I was very happy that i reached my Destination...Hooray!!! AS i ve joined my hostel after one yr, I really MISSED the real MASTI of Ragging from seniors.
Another thing that comes to mind when I think of my glorious hostel days are the never-ending gossip sessions...dunno from where we got all that energy to chat all night! From crushes to affairs, boys, movies, music, all time singing and dancing, playing indoor games.. well, I can’t think of anything under the sun (apart from our books!) that we didn’t chatter about. In the history of Tharangini Ladies Hostel, It is oly our batch which has started Vettri ( Vetti) Meeting Point (VMP in short) in the terrace. Everybody will assemble durin snacks time in the evening and it goes till dark...Again, from warden to principal, and from some dumb seniors to some over smart juniors, there’s no one we didn’t bitch about!!! Such sessions are very informative; involve yourself a lot in these! They provide you with news hotter than any news channel!

Oh..Exam Time" - A very painful yet interesting period. We Gals in the hostel go crazy during these days. You would find us sitting and cramming the books at all unimaginable places. Staircases, a corner in the mess, in the middle of the ground, under a tree...till 4 am in the morning..We used to sleep just for an hour..We always have each other to wake us up with 15 min interval frm a small nap.!! Unforgettable

It was just a GALA time for 3 years at that hostel..
Late to sleep
Late to Rise
Late for Classes
Irregular Bathing...( for wich i am very famous in my hostel..)
Makes a perfect HOSTELITE!!

When I stepped out of the girls’ hostel of my engineering college, never to return again, I just turned back and looked. I could clearly see all those three years I spent in THARANGINI hostel, and I smiled, I was a changed person!
Given a chance, I would love to live back those three years of my life.While I was going thru my old photograph album with the memories of the wonderful hostel life,
I got pretty Hostel-Sick... :-(

My Interests

In my leisure times, i used to do Gardening, Handicrafts...During my college days, I had a habit of giving my Handcrafts like wall-hanging to my frends as birthday presents...Its coz of my mom, i got keen interest in gardening..We have about 25 flower pots in our house....
I am very crazy abt music...I am always staytuned with ma fav music especially Yuvan's and ARR's...My computer is like a 24 hrs Juke-box...
My extra curriclar activities includes Vegetable carving for which i ve got first prize in school level conducted by Hotel MASS, Pondicherry. I ve also participated in various Rangoli competitions...
Nowadays i ve started reading storybuks and novels...First novel which i ve read is "LIFE OF PI" in wich the author had done his schooling in the famous Petit Seminar School, Pondicherry.

Here is Robin Sharma, the person whom i adore a lot especially for his narrative works.
Robin Sharma is one of the world’s top experts on leadership and personal success. He is the author of 10 major international bestsellers, including The Greatness Guide and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. Among his Quotes, My Favourite is " TIME MANAGEMENT IS LIFE MANAGEMENT"